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Last Updated: Jun 09, 2016 09:46AM EDT
If you have popular classes, you know how important waiting lists can be.  When a class fills up, you definitely want to know if there's still an un-tapped demand just waiting for the opportunity to get in.  That's why we built waiting lists directly into the CourseStorm registration system.

When a class fills up in CourseStorm, we automatically turn on the waiting list.  This lets your potential students express interest in the class and helps you gauge whether you'll need to open up a new session.  Each person who puts their information on the list is given a space on the waiting list which we display for you in first-come, first-serve order.

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Viewing the Waiting List

As soon as a class hits its maximum enrollment, we not only turn on the waiting list feature to the public, but it becomes available in the administration area as well as where entries are displayed in the order they were received so you have everything you need to assess demand.

You'll see a brand new button on the Roster screen for the class letting you quickly switch to see everyone on the waiting list.

Sending an Email to the Waiting List

With the click of a button, you can send an email to everyone on the waiting list to let them know if a new session is now available or if a spot has opened up.

Exporting a Waiting List

Perhaps you have an instructor who'd like to see the waiting list or maybe you need to do some reporting.  Either way, exporting a class's waiting list is simple.  Just click Export Excel from the Waiting List screen and we'll prepare a file with all the info you need.

Turning a Waiting List Request into a Registration

It's simple to convert a waiting list request into a registration.  Just click on the person in your waiting list and click the Convert to registration button at the bottom of the screen.  We'll automatically prepare a registration with the information they've provided so far.  All you have to do is ask them for payment.  All the while, you never have to open another spot to the public -- as an administrator you can let them right in.

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